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Guest Satisfaction Surveys

"You're only as good as your worst service!"

Many guests will provide anecdotal feedback during their stay when they experience very good or very bad service. What is missing is detailed feedback from guests as to their less extreme experiences - too small to make a formal complaint at the time but definitely big enough to disappoint them and prevent them returning.

An online survey can help tackle all of these challenges and gain you more recommendation and repeat business. We provide on-line guest satisfaction surveys that can be e-mailed to your guests during or after check-out. Most guests prefer e-mail communications and are happy to provide constructive feedback if asked.

With none of the problems of paper forms, and fully branded for your establishment, you can have a guest feedback survey up and running in moments and providing quality feedback day after day with almost no effort on your part. To find out more click to read on .

For only 81 pence per day, irrespective of the number of guests that you have, your survey can be providing you with the best possible information on the experiences and preferences of your guests. To find out more click to read on .

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