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From only 81 pence per day you can have an on-line guest feedback survey that is fully branded for your establishment and one that will allow you to gather consistent guest feedback day after day for almost no effort on your part. You get access to the feedback gathered at any time and, if you wish, you are able to contact guests based on their feedback and deal with any issues immediately while it is still fresh in the mind of the guest

"You're only as good as your worst service!" Most establishments have ways of monitoring the quality of what they provide - from routinely talking to guests through to regular AA and independent mystery guest inspections. These are methods of checking standards and can highlight areas of both excellence and concern. However, while these check the quality of your service they do not give you constructive feedback as to what your guests are actually thinking.

All you need to do to get your guest feedback survey up and running is to choose which survey package you preper and then click on the box on the right of this page. We offer great value packages for 3, 6 or 12 months - that is as low as 81 pence per day - irrespective of how many guests you need to survey!

Questions & Answers

Q. We already use paper feedback forms why do we need an online survey?

A. Paper feedback questionnaires presented with bills or left in rooms create considerable work in ensuring that supplies of the forms are available in the right places, that they are handed out correctly and that the returned forms are collected, logged and managed in the right way. The rise in popularity of the Internet has meant that most guests are now entirely comfortable with on-line activities and an easily-available, branded feedback survey will take your guests just seconds to complete and provide you with valuable information. On-line surveys are much more easily managed and are not vulnerable to interference from staff.

Q. How are guests invited to take part in the survey and leave feedback?

A. Many guests provide an e-mail address during booking or check-in. During or following checking out your staff simply send an e-mail to the guest with a link to the on-line survey.

Q. Can I see a survey example?

A. Just click here to try one of our example surveys.

Q. Can I add or delete questions from your preset survey template?

A. Yes this can be done for a nominal fee.

Q. How can I view the survey response data and how is it presented?

A. Using your own special web report portal you can view how you are doing at any time. The report portal allows you to run standard reports, see how many responses you have received and export the response data into a spreadsheet - at any time.

For more information on Survey Response data please click here.

Q. How quickly can my survey be developed?

A. Your survey can be developed and launched in less than a day.

Q. How much does it costs?

A. The guest feedback costs from just 81 pence per day.

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