Alumni Survey Projects


Sigmer can provide alumni surveys using on-line questionnaires, postal questionnaires or both. Whether it is to update alumni contact information or to gather alumni preference information we can have your survey designed and launched in a very short time and at a very competitive cost.

Alumni Marketing Surveys

Alumni Marketing Surveys can be easily launched to gather attitudinal and preference information that will allow you to more accurately segment your alumni database.

In these times when budgets are under stress, a rapid and low-cost survey of a sample of your alumni database can gather sufficient representative information to allow you to devote your marketing resources to accurately targeting the correct groups with the correct messages.

Sample surveys cost very little and can lead to big savings through enhanced profiling and accurate targeting.

Alumni Update Surveys

Keeping alumni personal and business details and contact information up to date is always a challenge. Sigmer have developed advanced tools to simplify the effort required to conduct update surveys and to allow us to execute very large surveys. We recently successfully completed an on-line and postal survey of 277,000 alumni. Click here to read our alumni survey case study.

Respondents are more motivated to correct contact information than to enter it afresh and Sigmer are able to pre-populate questionnaires with contact data taken from the Alumni Database. A file of information is extracted from the University's alumni database and is imported into Sigmer's survey system. On-line and postal questionnaires can then be automatically personalised and pre-populated with personal and business details.

Instead of waiting until the end of the survey, and simply returning a revised dataset to the University database officer, Sigmer's advanced technology makes it possible to send weekly updates of just the changes that have been recorded - i.e. where an alumnus has changed a piece of information in the questionnaire, this is recorded and the changed information is returned to the University with the correct database keys ready for updating the alumni database system.

Analysis and Reporting

A standard feature of all surveys whether it is a sample alumni marketing survey or a full on-line and postal project, is an on-line reporting portal that allows the University's project team to view overall statistics or to extract the response data at any time during and after the survey.

The full survey response dataset is also available to the University at any time and this includes the invitation and segmentation data that is carried through into the output dataset - ready for detailed analysis.

With our own tools and data experts we are able to provide a full analysis service and detailed insight into the survey data.


Sigmer have robust secure and high-capacity survey technology and this is allied to a skilled and multi-disciplinary in-house team. We have efficient bulk printing and world-wide mailing partners and, with an in-house data reception centre for the processing of postal questionnaires, we are able to offer a complete high-quality survey service that is scalable to suit all requirements. Click here to get further details of our survey team.



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