General Survey Costs

What We Do

Our standard survey includes the following:

1 - On-line survey design.

Design welcome messages, instructions, survey questions and exit page.

5 - Launch preparation

Preparing for the launch of the survey, loading of distribution email lists.

2 - Survey development.

Development of on-line survey, branding of pages and preparation of invitations.

6 - Execution.

Launch and Distribution of survey, monitoring and despatch of reminders.

3 - Trial survey.

Launch of a trial survey to a test audience, analysis of results.

7 - Reporting.

Provision of on-line reporting. On-demand standard reports, and export of raw data.

4 - Schedule.

When will the survey be launched, how long will it run for.

8 - Survey Support.

Access to an experienced team walking you through your project from start to finish.

What it costs

The standard on-line general survey costs from 750 + vat. This includes all of the standard activities stated above.

Chargeable options

Auto-forward of Responses

Each completed response is forwarded in easy to read format to one or more specified e-mail addresses. 


Communications Plan

Design & development of briefing pack for managers

Cost will vary depending on size and type of survey.

Awareness Activities

Design & development of awareness activities.

Awareness activities and materials can be provided as required.

Tool Tips

Float over help for questions

100 plus 10 per question that is elaborated.

Attached Documents

Documents that are attached to the survey or to particular questions that the respondent can refer to.

100 plus 20 per document that is attached.

Survey Help Desk

Provision of respondent help desk with branded message.
Can also provide Manager’s Help Desk.

Set-up cost and cost per day dependent on size of target audience and duration of survey.

Target Profiling

Identification of primary target groups and assessment of areas of difference.

Cost will vary depending on size and type of survey. Approximate cost is 250 + VAT

Paper surveys

Design of Paper Survey Pack including Welcome Page Instructions, Questionnaire, Return Envelope, Lay-out, Branding. Printing and collation of Paper Pack.

Cost will vary depending on size and type of survey. Approximate cost is 350 + VAT


Analysis of the data, validating conclusions, production of final data-sets. Benchmarking against other organisations is also available.

Cost will vary depending on size and type of survey and scope of analysis.


Development of reports, presentation to stakeholders.
Development of presentations to staff and managers.

Cost will vary depending on size and type of reports required.

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