Data, Analysis & Reports

When planning a survey it is often forgotten that the outputs should determine the questions and not the other way around. A survey is conducted for an organisational reason and the data collected should be for that purpose. During the survey design remember to:

  • Confirm the organisational requirements for the survey
  • Confirm that the data gathered will allow analysis to meet those requirements
  • Ensure that the questions being asked will provide the required data
  • Ensure that there are sufficient skills and facilities to analyse the data
  • Understand what reports are required and who will receive them

Survey Response Data

Online Finance Satisfaction Survey, Data Analysis Survey ReportsWe make it easy for you to get hold of the response data from your survey. Using your own special on-line report portal you can view the progress of your survey at any time. The report portal allows you to run standard reports, see how many responses you have received and export the response data - at any time during and after the survey.


Benchmarking is often a valuable analysis technique providing comparative performance against similar organisations, divisions, teams, geographic areas etc. If benchmarking is to be used then it is important to understand the comparative data prior to the design of your survey so that similar questions may be asked and appropriate data produced.

Survey Data Protection

If you will be collecting personal information you need to ensure that your survey and the data collected are handled in the correct way and in compliance with the current data protection legislation. Always remember to check that any servers on which you or your suppliers will be holding information are located within the EU area. Sigmer survey servers are managed by our own staff and are located in our own racks in a high-security data centre in London.

Pre-survey planning of data, analysis and reporting will help to ensure that the survey asks the right questions and produces outputs that meet the organisational need.

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