Product & Marketing Survey

A Typical Project

A product or marketing survey project will normally consist of a number of activities and Sigmer can carry out as little or as many of these as you require. We have carried out many product surveys in a variety of organisations and industries and can bring that experience to bear to help you develop a successful survey quickly, easily and cost-effectively.

Surveys will concentrate on a variety of topics and normally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Consumer insight surveys
  • Product surveys
  • Brand awareness surveys

The first step is to clarify the aims of the survey. This provides a reference-point and guidance for all aspects of the project.

Major project activities

Target Profiling

Identification of the types of customers to be surveyed.
Segmentation allows a survey to be tailored to meet requirements of specific groups.
Clarification of invitation:

  • By e-mail
  • By link from website
  • By post
  • By telephone
  • By interviewer

Survey Design

On-line and paper versions can be prepared.
Accommodate semantic differences for particular target segments.
Design of welcome message and help.
Clarification of anonymity options.

Survey Development

Development of on-line and paper questionnaires, branding of documents.
Printing of paper surveys if required.

Communications Plan

Where appropriate ensure product and marketing managers are aware of aims of the survey.
Briefing pack for PR - able to answer questions confidently.
Where to get quick and accurate help.

Trial Survey

Testing of the survey on a sample group to ensure that the questionnaire and supporting information is satisfactory.


When will the survey be launched, how long will it run for and when will reminders be issued.

Launch Preparation

Preparing for the launch of the survey, gathering of distribution lists and preparation of introductory texts.


Launch of on-line and paper surveys.
Distribution of on-line and paper surveys.
Monitoring of survey and despatch of reminders.

Analysis and Reporting

Analysing the data.
Validating conclusions, developing and disseminating reports.
Presentations to staff and managers.

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