Surveys for mobile devices

If your on-line survey is going to be accessed by mobile devices, such as iPhones or PDA's, you need to ensure that the survey looks good and works well on these devices. The survey needs to make a good impression on your target recipients and that means your survey system needs to cater for all sorts of devices including desktop PC's, laptops, iPhones and other PDA's.

Why is it important to cater for mobile devices?

iPhone-ss-treatmonster-01.Many recipients of on-line surveys now receive the survey invitation on a mobile device such as an iPhone. When they click on the link and land on the survey welcome-page it needs to immediately appear attractive and easy to use. If not, the recipient will either ignore the invitation or will make a mental note to take a look when they are next working on their lap-top or desktop. And what happens? By the time they next sit down at a larger screen the invitation e-mail is now so far down their Inbox it is lost forever.

So how do we cater for all devices

The display and usability requirements for iPhones and PDA's differ considerably from desktop and lap-top computers and the system hosting the on-line survey has to be able to automatically render the survey pages so that they look good on all devices. With Survey Suite, we have developed the technology to allow our on-line surveys to dynamically adjust how they are presented - whether it is a desktop computer, a lap-top, an iPhone or PDA. With Survey Suite you can be assured that your survey will have the following advantages:

  • The survey will be easy to read and will looks good
  • Questionnaire navigation will be clear
  • Questions will be well-presented
  • Usability will be good
  • The survey will present your organisation or brand in a positive way

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