Surveys System

Key Features

Survey Suite provides sophisticated and reliable survey delivery. It includes a survey data-repository, full automation, integration of reporting together with real-time analysis and individual feedback for respondents.

At the core of Survey Suite is the Opinio on-line survey tool from Object Planet. Opinio is a highly-regarded professional survey tool in use throughout the World. We host survey Suite from our secure data-centre in London.

Questionnaire Construction

iPhone-ss-treatmonster-01.Welcome Page & Optional Survey Guidance
Inclusion of documents, images and other media as required
Multiple question and response types:

  • Rating
  • Ranking
  • Multiple-choice
  • Numeric
  • Drop-down
  • Matrix
  • Open-ended

Questionnaires can be personalised from invitation data
Questions can be pre-populated from invitation data
Survey logic can be altered for each respondent based on invitee data
Conditional branching based on previous responses
Data Piping - questions and texts can be dynamic based on invitation data or previous responses
Ability to embed documents, images and media in individual questions
Ability for respondent to upload documents
End Page and optional link to external web-page

Publication and invitations

Instant survey publication
Optional authentication of respondents
Prevent multiple responses from the same person
Static or dynamic start and stop dates for surveys
Invite respondents using emails or website links
Automatic & manual email reminders
Import invitees, with optional custom invitee data
Export invitees
Re-usable invitee lists

Reporting and Analysis

iPhone-ss-treatmonster-01.On-line reporting portal available to project teams
Summary and comment reports instantly available
Full integration with existing reporting systems or data-warehouses
Automation of report generation and dissemination
Custom reports with charts
Filtered reports
Export response data - for external analysis
Open database architecture to allow easy enquiry and automation
Configurable portal security levels
Cross-tab reports
Detailed analysis


Easily branded
Use of predefined skins or style sheets for survey appearance
Ability to alter fonts and colours


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