Guidance and Consultancy

Response dataWe are a multi-disciplinary team directed by a leading academic in the field of occupation psychology. The team contains all of the specialist roles that are required to successfully develop, execute and analyse a successful survey project - including:

  • Survey Consultant
  • Survey Analyst
  • Survey Project Manager
  • Survey Designer
  • Survey Developer
  • Survey Data Analyst
  • Survey Data Entry and Encoding Staff


Our mix of skills and experience will ensure that we can provide the right level of guidance and support for your survey project. Whether you need only a simple survey, guidance as to managing inclusion, or how best to design an internal communications plan for your survey, we are able to provide the right people at the right time to work alongside your own staff in a flexible and collaborative manner.

Survey Consultancy

Our survey consultants have guided many organisations through the development and execution of both internal and external survey projects, using our methodology for survey management. Planning for a complex survey requires a number of high-level actions at the outset of the project in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Before commencing a survey project, we would recommend that you:

  • Clarify and confirm the business drivers for the survey
  • Agree what organisational or business attributes will be measured
  • Determine what information should be gathered
  • Profile the target audiences to be surveyed
  • Agree how the results will be used

We can also help you to:

  • Evaluate the survey from the perspective of the current top-level processes and procedures that are used to run the business
  • Integrate the survey output into business scorecard or top-level performance-monitoring and reporting processes
  • Review of existing top-level performance indicators and reporting processes


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