Survey Design

Not only must a survey be comprehensible to the target audience, in many cases you are sending a message to the target about your organisation and this requires that the survey design embodies the corporate values, ethics and brand values of the organisation. The point being that a survey must be constructed with just as much care as any other corporate communication.

In addition, designing your survey to match the characteristics of the target audience is critical to obtaining valid, reliable and useful response data. During survey planning we will normally review the goals of the survey, the environment in which the survey is to be conducted and the target audience at which it is directed, in order to gather information that will inform the design of the survey and the way in which it is promoted to the targets.

Understanding the Target - Design


Understanding the target audience and the environment in which they live or work is critical and we will often recommend that a short target profiling exercise be conducted to provide information on characteristics and behaviour that will inform the design of the survey. The profile information will help to determine the modes of survey to be used as well as the timing and methods to be used to promote the survey.


The profile information will also help to determine or identify a number of key design factors - particularly:

  • Access - What communication type works best - on-line, paper, telephone etc.
  • Education - The primary type of language and syntax to be used
  • Inclusion - Do they require special versions to cater for
  • Accessibility - Do they have any special needs
  • Help - Will a help line be required

Survey Design

Profile information will influence many aspects of the design including:

  • Visual design
  • Language and Syntax
  • Length of the survey
  • Survey promotion
  • Survey communication
  • Survey Support


Our expertise and technology allows us to provide a comprehensive suvey design process; helping customers conduct many different modes of survey rapidly and cost-effectively.

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