Managing Paper Surveys

Many surveys will use paper-questionnaires - either solely or in tandem with on-line surveys. We provide a full service to manage the distribution, collection, reception, data-entry and management of paper forms.

Printing and Distribution

We provide a number of options for the printing of paper questionnaires and these can then be distributed using your own internal mail systems or by our distribution services. We are happy to tailor our services to fit the needs of your survey.

Collection and Reception

Completed questionnaires can be collected and consolidated by local management prior to sending them to Sigmer for processing. Alternatively, we can include post-paid envelopes with the questionnaires so that they can be returned directly to Sigmer by the respondent.Forms.

When questionnaires are received by Sigmer they go through a project-specific reception process which logs and batches them prior to data-entry. We can provide regular management reports to your project team.

Data Entry and Encoding

Our data-entry team are experienced in the entering and encoding of questionnaires and we can work to encode the response data to your own classification or nomenclature systems. We are also able to convert subjective free text entries into key responses selected from drop-down lists.

Normally the paper questionnaires are entered into the on-line survey database in order that the response data can be consolidated with responses received via other methods. When this happens they are coded so that analysis can distinguish between data from the different methods.
We will normally store processed paper questionnaires for a suitable period until they can be returned to you or sent for destruction.


We conduct quality monitoring at all stages of the processing of paper questionnaires and this will involve a number of techniques including the random sampling.

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